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Request EADSIM Software

EADSIM Version 18.5 is available.

      If your organization is a current 18.00 or greater user, please email your request to the EADSIM User Services Office, Penny Ackerman. Include organization name, point of contact for initial release, and any changes in contact information or mailing address. The version 18.00 SUA covers the release of version 18.5.

For new users, or a version prior to 18.00 series, please submit a SUA for approval. Forms for Government and Contractors can be found at Please ensure forms are filled out completely. For any questions, please contact Penny at the above email.

NOTICE: The Software User's Agreement (SUA) for Version 18.00 is now available. A Version 18.00 SUA is the requirement to obtain Version 18.5.

EADSIM Version 18.5 has been released and is available for distribution. Contact Penny Ackerman, EADSIM User Services Office with any questions.

Fill Out and Print EADSIM SUA (PDF Version) (Government / Contractor Versions)

EADSIM SUA Version 18.00 (Government Agency)

EADSIM SUA Version 18.00 (Contractor Version)

     The purpose of the SUA is to agree to procedures for use by the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command and the organization requesting (the User) EADSIM.

     If the User has questions concerning the SUA, the DOD EADSIM Manager's Office should be contacted in writing or by telephone. For Contact information please follow the link below.

EADSIM Contact Information:  - William Jordan

Signed copies of the Software User's Agreement should be returned to the address below:

    Teledyne Brown Engineering
    ATTN: EADSIM User Services Office
    Penny Ackerman MS 105
    P.O. Box 070007
    Huntsville, AL 35807-7007

    POC: Penny Ackerman at (256) 726-2415,
    FAX: (256) 726-3414,